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Welcoming Michael Bloom

Today we welcome media and tech entrepreneur Michael Bloom to First Look Media as our new President and General Manager.

In this new role, Michael will be responsible for both the journalistic future of the organization and developing commercial opportunities to support First Look Media. His charge is to support and build our existing publications while creating entirely new products and services to expand and grow the business. As President and GM, Michael will develop strategies, build teams and oversee all aspects of First Look Media's operations.

Some of our publications, such as The Intercept, will remain not for profit. But as we've said all along, we believe there are untapped opportunities and revenue sources that can help support the company and its mission, especially the extensive resources required for high quality investigative journalism.

Michael joins First Look Media barely a year after the launch of its first publication, The Intercept. In that time, there's been no shortage of write-ups about the company and its inner workings. But less has been written about the important work The Intercept has published. Among the things that set The Intercept apart, in our view, is that much of its work breaks new ground of such import that other news and media organizations feel compelled to cover the same stories.

Here are a just a few examples from recent weeks, and even yesterday:

iSpy: The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple's SecretsThe Great Sim Heist: How Spies Stole the Keys to the Encryption CastlePlaying with Fire: How Junk Science Sent Claude Garrett to Prison for LifeDestroyed by The Espionage Act, an article by Peter Maass, and a related film, – The Surrender, by Stephen Maing

Michael is committed to supporting that kind of ground-breaking journalism as well as entrepreneurial endeavors like – and we're confident in his ability to take the lead in creating more new ventures that provide value to society.

Michael brings years of experience in technology, entertainment, media and journalism that spans both coasts. He's passionate about working with journalists, technologists and marketers to develop products that bring First Look Media's current and future independent voices to more and more people.

Most recently, Michael founded Woodshed Ventures, a media and technology advisory firm. Previously, he was CEO of Guardian News & Media, North America. As CEO, Michael ran the overall business and helped build it from a startup operation into a much-respected media brand in the U.S.

Over his career, Michael has built and run tech startup companies as well as divisions of major media and Internet companies, such as MTV/Viacom and AOL. Michael starts this week and will be based in New York.

We are thrilled to have Michael on board. He joins us at the beginning of our second year of operation as we look forward to new growth and opportunities.