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Chelsea Manning Matching Fund Campaign Update

We didn't expect to be announcing this update so soon, however, we're thrilled and proud to announce that after just two days since making the Chelsea Manning matching fund announcement, we've already hit our goal! To date, we've raised more than $124,000 (and counting) for Chelsea's legal appeals — this includes more than $64,000 from individual donors, and the $60,000 match from First Look Media's Press Freedom Litigation Fund and Glenn Greenwald.

"The level of grassroots support for this campaign has been truly impressive. Close to 1,100 donors in just 48 hours made their voices heard for Chelsea's cause. It really shows how small donations can add up to something huge. Because of this success, we're raising our goal to the full amount Chelsea Manning's attorney has estimated will be needed to bring the case through oral arguments in the Army Court of Appeals. We're confident, with your help, we can get there," said Trevor Timm, executive director of Freedom of the Press Foundation.

"This is beyond our wildest dreams – we are grateful for this outpouring and continued support as we travel down this long road," said Nancy Hollander, Manning's attorney. "This case has one of the longest written records in military history and there are 139 volumes that are 330 pages each and that doesn't even count the several thousand pages of classified evidence that we have to review at a secure location. It is our ethical duty as appellate counsel to search the entire record to ensure we don't miss any issues on appeal. We remain hopeful in this case that we can make a real difference for Chelsea."

Although the numbers speak for themselves, it is clear that the public has deep appreciation for Chelsea's choice to risk her own freedom in the name of transparency and government accountability. We hope the continued success of this campaign will demonstrate the fervor with which the public believes in the value of what Chelsea — and other whistleblowers alike — have sacrificed to ensure that we live in a free and transparent democracy.

If you haven't already, please make a contribution to the campaign today: